How to hone in on your niche for better marketing

How to hone in on your niche for better marketing

There is always a lot of talk in business, especially with new praccies, as to why an ideal client or niche is important for growing a practice AND how to actually go about honing in on that niche for better marketing.

There are millions of different ways of coming at your marketing, there’s millions of different ways of thinking of your business, but this tactic seems to be one of those tried and true approaches that just works.

Honing in your niche allows you to avoid the overwhelm of:

“what am I going to tell people?”

“who am I going to tell?”

“what am I going to talk about this week?”

“what am I going to write on my blog or on my website?”

Instead of all of that, when you hone in on a niche and define your ideal client, you take steps towards your “ideal”. The type of client you simply LOVE to work with, doing the type of work you most love to do.

An ideal client is different to the notion of “I help everybody”.

If you help EVERYBODY that’s nice and all, and I know a lot of us start out as general practitioners, and lots of us end up treating a wide range of people, but when it comes to your marketing and how to build your following and your small business, honing in your niche makes marketing SO MUCH EASIER! Plus you get to do MORE of the work that you love! Win-Win!

You’ll notice that some of the biggest names in business will work only to their strengths and things that they are passionate about. It’s that approach that attracts an ideal client.


Because when you are sharing and doing the type of work that you are MOST passionate about, there is an undeniable positive energy that goes with it. Working with your ideal client also brings out a vibrant energy in you. This energy is something that you can’t necessarily get if you aren’t working with your ideal client in your zone of genius.

So how do you work out what your niche is, who your ideal client is, and how that impacts your marketing? Tune in below to this conversation I had in the Natupreneur Hub recently where I answer all of those questions.

Enjoy, Tammy x


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