I am a business mentor, naturopath, entrepreneur, speaker, author, mother and a helicopter pilot in training – just to name a few of my passions.

I’m a degree-qualified naturopath with a medical science background.

My focus is taking Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Herbalists and Health Practitioners on the journey of business done differently.

Some of you may know me as the founder of the Inspirational Health Clinic at Lambton, which I ran for more than 8 years before selling in 2016.

I continues to spread my love for cellular optimisation and helping praccies to thrive through online coaching, speaking, workshops, retreats and books.

Earlier in 2016 I released my debut book Freedom from Fatigue, within the first week it was in the top 10 on Amazon in its category.

I am also working on my second book and my next big adventure.

In 2022, I circumnavigate the world in a helicopter following the journey of Pip and Dick Smith did 30 years earlier. I am also partnering with more than 17 organisations to bring awareness to the 17 UN Global goals for sustainable development.