Tammy Guest Managing Boss Time vs Employee Time

Managing Boss Time vs Employee Time

I went to a productivity workshop recently and it inspired some thinking around boss time versus employee time when running your business. My tip for you is: When you have boss time, be the boss!  When you have employee time, be the best employee you can be.  Setup set boss time and employee time in […]

How to hone in on your niche for better marketing

How to hone in on your niche for better marketing

There is always a lot of talk in business, especially with new praccies, as to why an ideal client or niche is important for growing a practice AND how to actually go about honing in on that niche for better marketing. There are millions of different ways of coming at your marketing, there’s millions of […]

Tammy Guest Money Mindset for Naturopaths

Managing Your Money Mindset & Valuing What You Do

I’m really excited to talk to you today about money mindset. I just spent the past two-and-a-half days on a writing retreat with my friend Denise Duffield-Thomas. We had some amazing chats and some really cool insights into how I used to do things a long time ago when I first started out in practice […]

Tips for Making Money as a Praccie (Natural Health Practitioner)

Tips for Making Money as a Natural Health Practitioner

PART 1 – MAKING MONEY AS A PRACCIE Success story from 3 simple things to have thousand dollar weeks and above. Includes interview with fellow Naturopath, Chanel, on how she built continuous cash flow in her business even while she was on maternity leave. PART 2 – PRACTICALITIES OF MAKING MONEY How you can create […]

Overcoming the overwhelming feeling of Failure

Conversations to Consider: Overcoming the overwhelming feeling of Failure

Today I wanted to explore that moment that we all have, that moment of: “What on earth am I going to do if I am NOT that, then, what am I?” I think it’s an interesting space to begin and it facilitates major change in so many people’s lives and it definitely did in mine. […]

Positioning your business Tammy Guest Training Video

Positioning your business : Economy, Premium, First Class

Have you thought about the service you would LOVE to provide to your clients and the type of business you would really love to own? Are you currently building a business that is economy, premium economy, business class, or first class? Recently in the hub I shared my thoughts on positioning your business to deliver […]