Tammy Guest Managing Boss Time vs Employee Time

Managing Boss Time vs Employee Time

I went to a productivity workshop recently and it inspired some thinking around boss time versus employee time when running your business.

My tip for you is:

When you have boss time, be the boss! 
When you have employee time, be the best employee you can be. 

Setup set boss time and employee time in your working day.

More on this in the video below (5 minutes watch time), or scroll down to read the key points discussed.

Why do you need boss time separated from employee time?

The story that goes along with this tip comes from when I was the boss of a multiple modality clinic with 9 other people to be the boss to.

I had lists of management/boss things I had to get done, so each day I had to put my boss hat on. I could delegate tasks out from the to-do list to the employees, and as employees they would get them done.

The little distinction here is: The boss makes the lists, the employee executes the list.

The thing that happens when we run our own business, if we are at home or in clinic by ourselves, sometimes we just want to be the boss, sometimes we just want to be the employee that only sees clients BUT when running a solo-show you cant have either or; you need both.

Making Boss Time

It’s important to have 15 minutes dedicated boss time at the start of every day where you list out the 5 most important actions for the day, and if those things get executed and ticked off the list, then everything in your business works a whole lot better.

Employee Time

The employee time is when you take your boss hat off, give yourself the to-do list, and you frame your thinking around this list as though “my boss has asked me to X, Y, Z”, then you go and complete those allocated tasks.

It’s important that if the list contains the 5 things you need to get done for the day, that you put your employee hat on and get them done. Just as though you would do going to work for someone else. Which means those 5 important things aren’t hanging out the washing and preparing dinner early, the list is 5 business related activities.

Putting your employee hat on means that you:

  • show up for work on time
  • you show up in your uniform
  • you show up for the whole time available
  • you complete the tasks set by “your boss” in the time-frame allocated
  • and you use your intuition and initiative to create new opportunities or extra progression in the business so that the boss is happy with your day’s work. It’s that little bit extra to impress your boss.

With your employee hat on, ask yourself:

How can you be the BEST employee for you and your business?

This mindset frame of considering the list of actions as instructions from your boss, helps you get a lot more done and allows you to achieve more in your business.

So my tip for you is:

Step up and be the employee of the month for yourself!

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