// A half day business event inspiring praccies to innovate and create.

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What is Success Sessions ?


Success Sessions is a half day business event inspiring praccies to innovate and create. Success Sessions encourages praccies to stand up and stand out an industry where we are told not to, empowering us to collaborate together to build amazing things in one fun-filled, tea-fuelled, 4-hour long Nat/Nut/Herbie/Praccie extravaganza. At the end of the sessions, practical achievable plans will have been created, online expeiences in visibility, new relationship with money, more flow with cash, clients and consultations! All in all, this event is less of a biz workshop and more of an excuse to drink tea, learn what you didnt in college, create and make connections with other powerful praccies.

'When I first started out in business as a naturopath, I remember some of the nights in the first year, up at 2 am worried about where the next client would come from to bring in the next cash to pay the next bill, only to have to get more clients to do the same all over again. It felt like this hamster wheel went on forever, and it felt like I was doing it all alone with no one else understanding what it was like.

Fast forward 9 years down the track and I have been privileged to have a wide and varied career as a practitioner, from retail, research, teaching, solo practice, award winning multi-six-figure practice with a team of 10+ staff, retreats, speaking, online courses, being a published author. This has supported my family of 5, my lifestyle of travelling overseas multiple times a year, my aviation pursuits and more. 

The piece in the middle that was missing from my studies as a practitioner was how to run a successful business in the modern online world, and the mindset shift to match... and seeing as it is still missing I want to share it with as many Nat's, Nut's, Herbies and praccies as possible. I also don't want anyone to feel as alone as I felt so I want to make the connections in person. Hence the invite... lets do this together'. Tammy Guest

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Success Sessions is powered by some amazing peeps in the praccie biz world. 

Not only does Tammy have some major clinic chops, but she's also been a magical manifester in the nat health industry, overcoming stereotypes and striving for excellence.

Tammy Guest



Tammy is the founder of the Natupreneur Hub and Immersions, also a mum, helicopter pilot, science geek and travel addict.

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We want this event to be HUGE, and therefore Success Sessions isn't limited to one area. We've chosen eight host cities across Australia and hope to expand the event even further in upcoming years.



Dick St, Newcastle


28 January 2017


The Litle Space

Bondi Junction


9 February 2017


Venue TBA



10 February 2017


Little Tokyo Two

36 Mein St, Spring Hill


5pm - 9pm

11 February 2017



195 Argyle St, Fitzroy


23 February 2017


Mt Lofty House

74 Mt Lofty Summit Rd, Crafters


25 February 2017


The Vault - Spacecubed

45 St Georges Tce, Perth


27 February 2017

Online Success Sessions

24 hours access replay


Thursday March 16th 1pm-5pm AEDT

Workshop 1 Day Only


The Little Space

Bondi Junction


20 April 2017

< Frequently Asked Questions >

Questions always come up about events like this, and we want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of the questions that we see a lot. Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.

Do I need to have a business already?

Absolutely not! If you’re a soon to be graduated praccie or working in someone elses business or if you just have an awesome idea, please attend this event. Potential clients need people with all kinds of gifts and abilities, and any praccie is welcome.

What do I need to bring?

An open mind, your gorgeous self, a fully chaged smart phone (if you have one) and any snacks or drinks you might particularly need for the session. There will be herbal tea, coffee and protien balls provided, as well as an extensive workbook to take home.

d travel addict.

How do I sign up for this event? 

Just simply click one of the Register buttons above. You’ll be prompted to select the city you’d like to attend in, and then you’ll be taken to a ticket purchasing screen where you can book your spot for $49 AUD.

I cant make it for this particular date but am very interested, will there be more? 

At this stage these are the only live events planned. If you would like to go on the wait list for any future events, or even suggest we come to your town, register your interest here.

Are children able to come? 

These event will not have child minding and because of the length of time of the workshop bringing children isn't advised. Really making the time to focus on yourself and your business is one of the best investments you can make, ideally you want to be able to purely focus for the entire workshop to get the most out of it.

How is this different to any other business training? 

This event is purely focussed on Nat's, Nut's, Herbies and praccies in business. It is facillitated by a practitioner for practitioners. In the realm of practicing there isnt really anywhere that Tammy hasn't had experience in or helped others with, including retail, research, shared clinic, sole clinic, multimodality practice, volunteering overseas, online courses, programs, books, speaking, retreats, passive income, podcasting, videos, systems, mentoring, teaching, staff, selling, finances, cashflow, mindset, personal development and further study. It's also not just the inspiration to take action but the practical action-taking itself!