How To Build A Client Base From Scratch


Main Points To Take Away From This:

  • Get out there in your local community and create connections with ‘like minded’ individuals.
  • By building relationships with like minded individuals who are not in direct competition with you will create leads for your business.
  • Develop your relationships by sharing a story “how you helped” – Case studies of your work.

Where To Start To Create Your Online Course

Main Points To Take Away From This….

  • Take your clients on a ‘journey’.
  • Signature System – You know the steps and the time it takes to resolve the issue.
  • Finding your Signature System – Reflect on your own life: How you identify the issue and then the steps you take to resolve it – The process you use.

How To Earn Good Money While Not Burning Out As A Practitioner

Main Points To Take Away……

  • Are you saying no to self? no to family?
  • Top 5 Tips: 1) Say ‘yes’ until you know to say ‘no’. 2) Know your strengths & talent. 3) Leverage your time. 4) Work within your ‘genius’. 5) Looking after you.
  • The burn out needs to be recognised by ‘you’.

How To Get Confident On Video

Main Point To Take Away….

  • There are 3 main points to get confident on video.
  • Point 1: Prior preparation means the easier it will be. Tip: Have your mini script done, your room set and yourself prepared.
  • Point 2: Practice makes perfect – “Being in the practice of it”. The more you do it the better you will get at it.
  • Point 3: Just do it.

Denise DT Answers Money Blocks For Nats Nuts and Herbies



Main Key Points To Take Away….


  • Free Content: It can be a great tool to give your client options and to help establish if your client is ready to take on your services.
  • Business Goals: There is no ‘perfect’ way to set your goals they can be as detail or as little detailed as you like. Denise recommends that you review your goals quarterly so that you stay on track (goals reviewed yearly stray off path).
  • Not seeing your client as just a money sign – Mantra “I serve – I deserve”. Set good money boundaries that are clear for you and your client.
  • The mindset of abundance – You are clear on what you need and want and surround it with positivity.
  • Go to Denise’s website to learn further through her free manifesting course.

Redefine your medicine

Tools to help you discover your medicine

Vitamins and Minerals checklist to take you from Fatigued to Vitality

Let’s take a look at everything you’re eating, drinking and thinking. Your choices are either for your health or against your health.

The things you have been choosing may possibly be against your health, and I want to share with you the knowledge and tools so, you can choose for your health.

One way in which we feed our adrenals and our cortisol is through the mind, body and spirit.

One tool that can really calm your mind is a gratitude journal. It’s as simple as writing down three things that you are grateful for each day. I do realise that on particularly stressful or fatigued days it can be difficult to cast your mind through the things that you may be grateful for, but please persist. I love my gratitude journal and I now do it every night before I go to bed.

One of the other tools I recommend is meditation and the practice of calming your mind. I find it best to do this in the morning. Think of it like this, you head to the shower to wash your body so why not ‘wash’ your mind as well? The first thing I do before I get out of bed – unless my littlest gets me up first of course – is to listen to a 15-minute meditation through an app on my smartphone.

One of my favourites is Discovering Your Worthiness by Lisa Nichols, which is accessible through the free app, Omvana. There is quite a selection available now, so give it a try.

So think about giving meditation a go, or find some techniques to calm your mind – even if it’s just being mindful while enjoying a nice cup of tea.


Now we move on to your body.

Think about the following questions for a moment:

  • How have you enjoyed moving your body?
  • What are the things you’re going to incorporate moving forward?
  • Have you noticed any symptoms or reactions when you’ve had dairy or sugar?
  • Are you more in tune with your fatigue patterns?

You should continue to develop an awareness across your whole body and incorporate any changes or improvements into your action plan.

Also take note of other things you can try that will benefit your body. Perhaps it’s dry skin brushing to get your blood circulating? Or maybe there are some physical activities you would like to try?

I continue to find a multitude of different ways to move my body. I’ve been dancing with my kids more than I usually would, and I’m trying helicopter piloting which exercises both my body and my mind. Of course we are not all made for flying, some of my clients have tried Zumba, spin class, stand up paddle board, line dancing, pilates, and even walks at the beach or mountains.


Now we move to your spirit.

What are the things you’ve noticed about how your spirit, your liveliness and your ‘being-ness’– how you’re being in the world. Really take stock on that. Take a look at your highest priorities, your desired feelings that fire in your belly that makes you excited about the future.

What you have found works for you?

This won’t be the same as everybody else, there’s no right or wrong answer. Don’t censor what you say, or what your lessons or insights have been. Everything that you have learned, and everything that you’ve done, or haven’t done is exactly how it’s meant to be for that moment.

Everything you’ve done in the past, prior to this book, has all been because you had that information at hand that gave you the exact experience you needed for that moment. That exact experience gave you the lessons so that you could move forward and change what you needed to at the time.


Now we add some Vitamins and nutrients.

One of the questions I always get asked is, are all vitamins the same? The short answer is no. There’s a reason why some are cheap and others aren’t. The contents aren’t quite the same as the ones that are a little bit more expensive or found in practitioner-only brands. The difference is fivefold.

The first one is quality. The quality of your vitamins is based around the production. Where have they sourced the vitamins or minerals from? Is it a clean source? Is it a reputable source? Have they mixed it up with excipients?

The quantity of the vitamin is equally as important. This is all about the concentration or the therapeutic dose. Just like paracetamol, aspirin or any other medications, we’re going to be looking at the amounts that will be therapeutic for you to give you the effect that you’re looking for. Some people can take one paracetamol and feel the effect quite quickly. Others need to take more. This is based around the quantity of paracetamol that’s in that tablet. It’s the same for vitamins and nutrients.

The therapeutic dose for any given day may be two for vitamin B12 or B6. It’s about 50 to 100 milligrams. The problem then is to fit that into one tiny capsule. That means there’s going to have to be less of something else.

The next consideration is absorption. Absorption is your ability to get the vitamin into your cells and it’s based around how the vitamin or mineral is attached to another molecule that’s going to absorb into a cell membrane. Some of these have to fight against each other, or need active transports, or need a whole bunch of other processes to happen so that they are absorbed. Others just soak in straightaway.

Biochemistry can be a bit of a minefield and although I am completely simplifying, generally on the bottle you are best to look for the suffix – amino acid chelate, orotate, citrate, sulfate and then last of all oxide. When you are looking at minerals this will usually help you find the more bioavailable.

The next thing to consider when you’re looking at vitamins is the availability. The availability is based on how your body is functioning compared to that vitamin or mineral supplement. Availability is also based on whether or not that supplement is enterically coated. Enterically coated means there is a special coating over the tablet so it is ‘easier on your stomach’. It takes a lot of effort for your body to pull a tablet apart and get to the active ingredient that’s on the inside. Depending on the vitamin or mineral, you’re better off having it enterically coated so it goes through the stomach and then, when it’s in the bowels, completes its action. A lot of variables come into consideration when you’re considering the availability of nutrients.

One of those variables is your gut and how it’s functioning. Your gut is where you have the conversion of certain vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12, for instance, converts into its active form along your gut lining. If your gut lining is not working properly, or if you’ve got a history of IBS or anxiety, then chances are you’re not converting B12 either. The 7 day detox protocol outlines the best gut healing or find more details on page 152 for Freedom from Fatigue.

Another variable focuses on the concept of rest and digest vs fight or flight. The more stressed we get, the less likely it is that we absorb those nutrients.

The last consideration is efficacy, or how useful that vitamin has been for other people. It focuses on how efficient it is at getting those vitamins and nutrients into your body by the time you have digested it.

So quality, quantity, absorption, availability and efficacy are essential in choosing a supplement. But how do you read a supplement’s ingredient panel to find these out?

Let’s say I have a need for magnesium. The first word on the ingredients panel is magnesium. The second word is its form, which can hint at its absorption rate. There are multiple forms that nutrients can come in. We have orotate, which is highly absorbed, quite quickly. Diglycinate is also soaked straight into the cells, especially if you’re moving. Amino acid chelate is also a fantastic form.

But there are less absorbable forms too: sulfate, oxide, carbonate and citrate. Oxide could be considered to be rust. In fact, iron oxide is rust. Therefore oxide isn’t going to be the most beneficial form to have because your body is going to have to deal with the oxidation from that. Carbonate is chalk, so if you have magnesium carbonate then you’re not actually absorbing much magnesium.

So, if you’re looking at the back of your vitamin or mineral supplement and finding those less absorbable forms on there, you’re better off finding a new supplement that’s actually going to give you the therapeutic effect.

The next thing that you’ll notice on the ingredients panel is the quantity. For instance, the registered amount for zinc is around 25 milligrams, which is going to make you feel like you’re bursting with energy. It’s also going to give you healthy immunity, skin, happy hormones and a host of other things that it’s used for. Zinc also has a role in holding your mucous membrane integrity together. If you have a normal level of zinc, then you will want the therapeutic dose. If you take more than 25 milligrams you might experience stomach irritation and feel a bit nauseous. If you have less than that therapeutic dose then you’re not really going to get the effect of the zinc.

Side note: the therapeutic amount of magnesium for most conditions like restless legs, cramping in your legs or feet, headaches, not being able to rebound after exercise, sleeplessness and other tense or jerky issues with your muscles is about 300 milligrams.

Despite all the discussions on supplements, do not forget vitamins and minerals are available in your foods too! If you keep all of your vitamins and mineral levels up and your stressors low, then you should be able to get them through your food with perhaps a couple of top-ups during the year. Your body can remain in balance and look after itself given the right environment.

Beta-carotene is one of those affected by light as well. Interestingly, it’s one of the reasons that root vegetables grow underground. This is another reason why it is always best to purchase your fruits and vegetables from your local markets.


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Get ready to add them to your shopping list, enjoy.


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Is Flatulence Causing Your Bloating?

Welcome to the third F of the Beat the Bloat Series – Flatulence

We all know the drill, it gets to the end of the day, our pants are feeling tighter and we wish we could just slip home and put on some track pants! We think to ourselves, maybe it is the food I ate, or maybe I should have ate…x,y,z! What we really need to know is what’s causing it.
That’s what the Beat the Bloat series is all about:

Number one was Fluid.
Number two was Fat
Today’s F is Flatulence.

Watch the video below or read the blog underneath:

Flatulence is the build-up of gases along your gastrointestinal tract. Gases can come from 1 of three places.
1. Chewing – if you eat with your mouth open, eat on the go or while your are doing other tasks you are swallowing air. Air belongs in our lungs and not our intestinal tract. Air bubbles get squeezed through us and we end up with gas. Taking time at lunch to properly chew your food, up to 20 times ( this the suggested amount) so that you’re giving your food the best chance of being digested.

2. Probiotics – Good Bacteria. These are here to help ferment and pull apart food in our intestines. They are found in a multiple wholefoods, like sauerkraut, kim chi, kombucha, and various types of yoghurt. Coconut yoghurt is a good substitute if you are dairy intolerant.
Making sure to keep a balance of good bacteria in your gut can help keep flatulence at bay.

3. Exclude the Bad Stuff- Getting bad foods out of our diet is another way to reduce the amount of flatulence we encounter. Sugar when it ferments turns into bubbles. Think about the way beer and champagne ferments which causes bloating and flatulence. Eating refined sugars – sugars that are added to our foods also ferment. There is also a risk of eating too much natural sugar like that which is found in fruit. Two pieces of fruit is more than enough for us to get the vitamins and nutrients we need. When we eat too much fruit the sugar fructose can ferment and lead to bloating and flatulence.

If flatulence is causing you to feel bloated you need to cut out the bad stuff like sugar and alcohol. Make sure you are getting enough good bacteria from probiotics, and finally take your time while eating. Chew thoroughly to help your body really digest the food you’re eating!

I hope you found this video blog helpful feel free to share it. If you want to get more tips and tricks please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel or weekly newsletter below.

Until next time,
Stay Well.
Tammy Guest.


Bloated Belly? Whats fat got to do with it?

Let’s talk Fat!
It’s the second week of the Belly bloat series if you missed week one check it out here.

This week we are connecting extra padding around the tummy with bloating
(Want to get the summary in written form? read below)

Today we are discussing the second F in our Belly Bloat Series:

Bloating is that distension feeling that we get when our pants don’t fit properly.  Today’s topic is Fat. Fat around our  middles can come from a number of different things, but we are going to be talking about only two of them here.

The first place extra belly fat can come from is a lack of movement.

Movement is essential to keep our bodies in balance and helps our lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. Lymph is something that sits under our skin and shifts toxins and build up out of our system.

Nutrients come in and get pumped around by our circulation, and waste products go out via our lymphatic system. To get our lymphatic system moving you need to move for it.

You don’t have to become a gym junkie, you just have to move and enjoy the movement you’re doing. Do something that gives you joy, it could be dancing around with your kids like I do with mine, or going to a yoga class that you have been putting off. Or it could be doing something completely new, where you create new neural pathways that are also bringing you joy.
Don’t commit yourself to something that you don’t enjoy doing, you will be going against the tide ‘Biochemically’. If your body is in stress mode you won’t be shifting your lymphatic system.

The second reason you might be getting fat stored around your middle is from toxins. Some of our toxins get stored around our fat cells around our middle. Detoxing is one of the quickest ways to let your body feel safe for your body to let go of extra toxins you might be carrying in fat storage.

Doing a Fad type of detox is not going to be benefiting your body, you need to be doing a detox that is safe and biochemically supporting your body to detox. For detoxification to occur in your liver it requires proteins, B vitamins, Magnesium and plentiful phytonutrients from plants.

If you are just doing a lemon water detox, these nutrients aren’t available. So consider doing a supported detox with the assistance from a health practioner, to ensure you are giving your body the best opportunity to detox.

I hope these tips have given you some insight into the reasons why extra fat might be contributing to a bloated feeling.
Please feel free to share this video blog with anyone who you think this might help.

Also please subscribe to my weekly newsletter below where I will be sharing more video blogs and wellness tips.

Until next time,
Stay well.
Tammy Guest.

Manifesting your way to health

The art and science behind creating a life you love

I’m sure everybody’s heard of the book, The Secret and, if you haven’t, it’s a good book and movie to check out. The Secret is a documentary that is based around the idea or philosophy that you can create whatever you want in your life through thinking about it and manifesting it into reality.


Sounds simple doesn’t it; just a thought—here’s the explanation behind the power of thought!


I love this idea and I have done a lot research to find out about how manifestation actually works, how the science of it really occurs.


When it comes to manifestation, there is the art side of it. This is the creative part where you come up with the things that you would like in your life. Some of these are really easy, like the time I wanted to upgrade my car to a Honda CRV, I want to own a new microscope, I want to climb Machu Picchu in Peru, and I want to travel to see the Taj Mahal. As soon as you say those words, the majority of us can see it in our mind’s eye.


But, there’s an art to doing this part which is the secret to manifesting, let me share it with you…


The other side to manifesting is the science. The science behind it all comes down to the way your brain works and the main part of this is pattern recognition. Basically, what happens when you manifest something into your life is that you first have to: think up what you would like and set an intention, and then begin to create action to register that with your mind and body.

Sitting around just thinking about it going, yes, I wish I had such and such then not actually taking any action on it, isn’t going to create the response that you want.

You have to think about it, visualise it, feel it, believe it will happen and then take action and step towards it.


What our brain is designed to do is answer questions and recognise patterns. If I was to say to you one plus one and then I continued talking, you’d still wonder when I was going to get back to the number two. Or, if I said purple cow and you try to think of anything but the purple cow, it becomes very difficult because your brain is set up to find patterns, and to visualise and answer questions.


One of the easiest ways to use this to your advantage is to create a vision board. A vision board is a series of pictures and we use this tool because our brain actually works in a visual format. You’ll notice this when you’re having a dream. It’s not like it spells it all out for you in the written language, it’s in pictures and symbols too. This is why most signs and instructions have symbols on them. There’s a quick pattern recognition for our brain to deal with and receive the information that it requires. What we need to be doing when it comes to creating something in our lives, is to create the feeling of having it already, craft the experiences we want and create that pattern in our lives for our brains to recognise them.


Make it happen, let’s manifest with visualisation and creating a vision board, for anyone who hasn’t done it before, it is gathering pictures and images and phrases that invoke the feeling or the emotion or give us a clear picture of the things we actually want.


Once we’ve done that, our brains see those images in our mind’s eye and then attempts to match that in our life. Our subconscious now has a clear picture of the things that it’s trying to match.


Our brain is hardwired to recognise a pattern. Our subconscious has found something that is important to us at that time and it tries to seek things to match it with. The exact same thing happens when you create a vision board; you set up those pictures and you look at them in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Then, during the next day, your brain will be hardwired to try and find things that will get you closer to those pictures.


Let’s get manifesting:


Get a board – large cardboard or a pin board works best.


Collect your inspiration; for this you will need photos, magazines, newspapers, Pinterest or the Internet.


Cut our any images or words that stand out to you that you want to bring into your life. If you are on the computer you could print these out or pop them on a Pinterest page.

Add the final touches, you may want to colour the background, add glitter, sparkle, or write your own affirmations or quotes.


Place your board somewhere you will see it daily.


The next step is visualisation – an absolutely incredible tool. Visualisation or seeing in your mind’s eye, the outcome to an event before it happens has been long known in the elite sporting community as a psychological tool to enhance performance outcomes.


Keep well,



3 essential foods for entrepreneurs

If all else fails, what can you eat to maintain your focus and concentration, keep your levels of energy up and not go into overwhelm or anxiety?

I have so many global entrepreneurs tell me about these issues, and all they need to know is these 3 little things to keep in their diet…

Can you guess what they are?

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